📢 Important Announcement: Discontinuation of Chat UI 📢

📢 Important Announcement: Discontinuation of Chat UI 📢
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Happy May, Typeformers! With a new month comes new announcements, and with heavy hearts, we are depreciating Chat UI. What began as an internal experiment blossomed into a new type of interaction for your respondents. While we’ve loved having many of you utilize Chat UI in your businesses, we haven’t found it increasing your response rates as we’d like. 


Here’s everything you need to know about Chat UI sunsetting:


The why

There are a few reasons why we’ve decided to part ways with the Chat UI. The most important reason is that we’ve found low usage and completion rates for those who have turned their Typeforms into the Chat UI. Additionally, the Chat UI wasn’t able to support various features we know you love, like the Calendly integration or payments. 


Important dates

You’ll be receiving communications from us over the next few months, but here are some important dates you need to know: 


May 2nd-9th: We will inform all customers that currently use the Chat UI feature about the upcoming changes via email.


June 6-13th: All forms using Chat UI will be reverted back to the Typeform UI, including any embedded forms. 

Actions you’ll need to take

Thankfully, we’ve made this switch as easy as possible for you. If you’d like to revert your forms before June, you can switch the toggle off like this: 



Any forms with the chat remaining after June 6th will automatically be reverted back to the Typeform UI. There will be no change to the code for embedded forms, including those using the Embed SDK. 


We hope this explains everything you need to know about our sunset of the Chat UI, but if you have any questions at all, please post them here. 


We’ve updated the date in which we will discontinue chat. Please take a peek at the post here for further information. 


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Hi, I’d like to know, exatcly, when the chat functionality will be retiring? August 31st or June 6st? Because inside all our forms, we noticed this advice. Let me know, thanks. 


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Hi @Selectra The date you’re seeing is correct, and we’ve also posted an update in this post as well as here:

The date originally was the 6th, but thanks to all of your feedback here, we’ve pushed the date to August 31st. 

Hey this is pretty disappointing to hear. We have invested a lot into creating a product that utilises the chat feature, switching back to a standard form will be a massive step back for us


Does anyone know of any alternative platforms that offer a similar product? The new AI chat, or existing typeform interface won’t work for our use case :( 

This isn’t enough notice. Can this be delayed by another month - I have a number of projects that rely on this functionality.


@Tailwind @tajadojo @scmcgo @waterlust @Conceivian team 

My name is David Okuniev. I run a small innovation team here at Typeform called Typeform Labs.

We’re working on a new product called “formless”. Formless elevates data collection through engaging, natural conversations, powered by AI.

It’s very early days and we still have a few weeks until we launch the beta (during ~Q3), but you can get at least get a feel for the product and sign up for the beta in the link below.

Here is another an example conversation on formless….

Would love to know what you all think? And BTW, although we can’t let you in quite yet, but we can give you a live demo right now if you are interested. 

@Liz Could you make sure we contact all the customers above to get them first access to formless once we launch the beta? Or if anyone is interested in an early demo.

David Okuniev

Dear David, looking into your works.

Typeform chat bot is something central to our usecase as well, we have been gamifying engagement with a L&D chatbot ALEX. We seemelessly collect data by switching typeform IDs to collect specific data points with smart logics. Then use webhooks to activate certain items within our platform.

We were able to do this quickly for onboarding new clients and just making a replica of the form and make customizations on the fly.

We used switch cases and were able to seemlessly transfer user experience to a form and then back to the BOT without the user feeling a change was made. So a BOT interface has been super useful for us with chat emulations. 

no. no. no. don’t do this! it is in fact perfect! i love the chat form even though it’s not working to embed. but i’ll figure it out as i go. so please leave it. 

@dokuniev Formless AI exemple discussion felt very good, excellent UX writing. Apart from switching language at the end, it worked very well (french to english). Great work !

The chat feature is very good, it’s what i’m looking for

I’m looking for Not Only Forms, But Also Conversations

Sorry to see it go!


Bad move! The chat UI was the reason we signed up to Typeform. We have multiple forms running as a chat and we have had great results! We’ve spent countless hours working on this and now I have to find another service and build everything from scratch.Horrible move, so frustrating. 

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@Trul4 Totally get the frustration. :\ Have you had a chance to look at Formless yet?