Rewatch the workshop: Build a no-code lead gen engine in 30 minutes 🚀

  • 25 April 2023
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Rewatch the workshop: Build a no-code lead gen engine in 30 minutes 🚀
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Hey folks 👋


Hope all is well! It was my pleasure to host our first ever New Features Workshop - woo! We ran through the hottest Typeform features off the block and showed you how they can be used to create a high-converting lead gen/sales quiz funnel 😎

Thanks soooo much to everyone who turned out on the day, we were super grateful for all your questions and enthusiasm. If you couldn't make it, don't worry, we remembered to press record and you can watch it below. You can also download a copy of the slide deck from here.



Very special thanks to my trusty co-host Alex, to the all-knowing @john.desborough for his must-see overview of how to plan a quiz flow, and to @Dan Barker for spilling the beans on the AI treats the Typeform team are cooking up.


What did we learn?


We went through A LOT in this one. Here's a breakdown of what we crammed in to an hour:

  • (03:21) Reminder of why Typeform is great 
  • (03:51) What's new in Typeform  - AI features, brand kits, conditional follow-ups, new question blocks, updated integrations, and the accessibility checker, phew!
  • (07:50) Examples of cool Typeform quiz flows
  • (10:47) Introducing our Squints solution 👓
  • (17:20) Des' tried and tested approach to building a Typeform outcome quiz 
  • (23:58) Guide to building out a product recommendation/lead capture quiz flow – using Typeform's new features!
  • (35:47) Dan's eye-opening overview of how Typeform is harnessing AI to take form-building to new levels!
  • (43:58) Q&A featuring some interesting audience questions around AI, VideoAsk, logic, integrations, and more!


Sorry we didn't quite get around to answering all the questions. Don't worry I'll get back to all the ones we missed here on this post and ping the folks who asked them.


Related resources

We promised we'd share links to all the stuff we mentioned during the workshop, so here you go. I know there's a lot here – I promise it's all really helpful stuff!

Get an overview of Typeform

See a summary of all the new features

Read more about Brand Kits

Check out conditional follow-ups

Access all Typeform's integrations

Take the Beardsman quiz

Sink your teeth into Colgate's OQ quiz

Go through Relak's remote worker quiz

Download the Squints template

Find out how to improve lead form completions

How to direct respondents to a pre-filled Shopify cart

Say hi to Des

Get our product recommendation quiz template

Learn more about Typeform features in our Help Center

Take a look at Dan's Community post about AI at Typeform

Read our blog post: 16 ways to use generative AI for marketing

Discover how creativity and AI can co-exist in content creation

Rewatch more webinars from Typeform



Thanks again for checking our workshop out, if you have any questions about any of the things we covered just ask in the comments below. Oh, and if you'd like to give feedback on the session please fill out this short survey.


Note: This post was originally published on as a preview before the webinar took place and was updated on May 25th to include the recording and all the info you see above.


10 replies

Hi, Didn’t get any invitation to my Google Calendar, and link here doesn’t work. So. I don’t have a link to an event 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Oh yikes, sorry to hear that @SergeySmag - I’ve just checked and you’re definitely registered for the event so it’s weird you didn’t get the email. I’ve just resent the confirmation email manually through Zoom, please let me know if you receive it or not. Thanks!

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Excited for this one @Liz @James 😎 Looking forward to catching up on all the new updates!

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Can’t wait to (virtually) see you all tomorrow! Bring all the dad puns about eyewear and your questions! (Looking at you @john.desborough and @James for the puns!)



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@Liz - dad puns? seriously…? do i look punny to you??

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@Liz really looking forward to seeing you, Alex, @john.desborough and @Dan Barker share your wisdom today – having had a sneak peek at the content I can assure folks they will learn A LOT from this session.

Oh, and to the person who stole my glasses - I will find you, I have contacts.

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Oh, and to the person who stole my glasses - I will find you, I have contacts.

@James - groan

one of my earliest clear memories from my childhood is going with my dad to get my prescription glasses.

Life before that is a blur.

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Jeez louise! Don’t make a spectacle about the pun request! @James @john.desborough 😂

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@James @Liz - please give me back my squints… re-spec your elders


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Thank you all for joining today! It was a lot of fun answering your questions. I’ll be working on the ones leftover throughout the rest of the week!