VideoAsk Updates Wrapped 2023! 🎁

  • 5 December 2023
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VideoAsk Updates Wrapped 2023! 🎁
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Hey everyone! 


I can’t believe it’s already December! 🎄


In the spirit of the holidays, we’ve made a list of 2023 VideoAsk updates, checked it twice and decided which ones were naughty and nice…



Adjust Video Position

Way back in April we released the adjust video position feature, giving you more control over how a video looks once uploaded.



Pause/Resume Recording


In July we added a pause/resume option to the video recording functionality.


We added a pause button to the webcam recording option in case you need a quick breather mid recording or if you’ve forgotten what to say next!



AI Summary


Launched in August, the AI summary generates a text summary of video and audio responses so you can easily check back on your messages and give yourself a quick reminder before replying! 

Read more about this feature in our Help Center article here 🤖



New Dashboard


September saw the release of a new dashboard which gives you a high level overview of the last 30 days, so you can quickly check on how your latest videoask is performing. 

Learn more about the dashboard here.



Gallery View

And finally in October folders got a makeover. We added a gallery view to help you navigate between videoasks and find the one with the latest responses.



That’s a wrap for 2023 🎁 thanks for keeping up to date with all the latest VideoAsk product news here in the Community!


Before you go, don’t forget to check out the December videoask of the month! ✨

2 replies

When will you add the ability to record with virtual in, the ability to upload an image to be the background behind me in a video. I would REALLY love to have this feature and I’m certain many others could too!

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Hey @Tanisha welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your feedback 😊

You are totally right, it is a popular feature request! It’s not currently on the roadmap, but I will add your comments and a +1 to the feature request board and hopefully this will be considered in the future. 

In the meantime, the workaround would be to record using another tool and then upload the video to your videoask. And as soon as we have any updates we’ll share them here in the community.