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Hi @paul-omaj I added your post here where we have the answer to your question. 

Hey Liz,

It’s disappointing to see so many customers be ignored, and then placated with ‘pass in onto product team.’ This partial completion issue could be solved very quickly instead of forcing your customer to pay $35 per month using annoying workarounds with insiteful to capture data form incomplete forms.

It’s just dumb business for your users and restricts the creativity of the product.

I’d like to have typeform that are purposely 30 minute user / story experiences… that people will pause and come back to… or bounce once they get their value…. but your limitation on ‘completing form’ makes it all very clinical from a creator’s perspective to give deeper value to customers. People get value and leave forms all the time because forms are finicky.

We spend so much money and time to get people to our sites and then we’ll lose so many potential people based off inconveniences that life throws at customers as they go through our form.

It really feels like your just dogded and ignored 12,000 customers who’ve viewed this the past 2 years wirh ZERO soloution. At least give a straight answer, instead you’ve dangled a carrot and passified things and sold false hope. No straight answer has been given. It reads really really poorly and feels super disingenuine.

It costs you ZERO to help us here. Help us WIN and we’ll pay your for the next 10 years.


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Hi @ddddd Thanks for sharing your feedback - I agree, as I want this feature as well! While I don’t have any information as to why this hasn’t been built yet (though I do know it takes a considerable amount of effort to do so) nor can I make the decision as to whether or not we add new features, I can confirm that the product team has read the information I have passed along. As always, keep sending your feedback here, as they are reading it. 

Is there any update on this feature?

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Hi @anna.welbers No updates at this time, but if we receive any, we’ll post them here. 

Hi Typeform community, 

Wondering if there is any way to capture answers to questions, as the survey is being filled out, so that if people exit the survey before getting to the end (submitting) we can see the initial answers, and we’re not losing the data.  

Hope that makes sense, thanks so much! 

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Hi @PolkaDot I added your post here where we have the answer. 

I would also like to request for this feature to be brought to the product team’s attention.  This is a very glaring hole in the typeform offering that is forcing us to consider switching to use competitors.  Why not at least offer configuring webhooks after each question so that we could store partial responses ourselves?

This will be the reason that my company doesn’t renew with Typeform.  It’s being used for an application process and the #1 issue we have is people spending a lot of time on the form and then not hitting submit.  They think they applied and I have no way of knowing with Typeform whereas I did with my previous tool.  So, we’ll have to go back to that one because lack of this feature (to view forms in progress or that were started but not completed within a certain timeframe… or even to email those people to remind them to hit submit if they intended to apply) is just a complete dealbreaker.  I wouldn’t have subscribed if I realized this was not possible with Typeform.


Hey There,

I was just wondering how others are handling the capture of partial completion forms were a user never clicks submit? If a user never clicks submit you don’t get any of the data which is a massive issue. 

I saw some discussions in the forms, but they seemed dated. Any new ways of handling partial entries? 


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Hi @Momentors thanks for stopping by the community! I moved your post here where we have an existing discussion about this. 😀

Re NPS using TypeForm; The majority of people do not add feedback and hit Submit. We still need to track the number they clicked on the email. Without this data NPS using TypeForm is useless. 

They are clearly not interested in fixing this. 
Does anyone have an alternative to Typeform for NPS? (not paying the Delighted fees). 

As an expert my expectations of TYPEFORM was overstated.

It's frustrating when you invest time, effort, and money in a service only to encounter design flaws that make a project unreliable or statistically unsound.

I have a complex, multi tiered survey where in some categories the universe is n=20. It is also a competitor benchmarking so the full survey needs to be completed by a respondent - advanced branching applied.

Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of the DESIGN FLAW that partials are in its entirety disregarded by TYPEFORM.

It's unfortunate that their helpdesk (4 people) only provided scripted, non-sensical answers in pursuit of their own First Call Resolution targets and didn't even attempt to find a solution to the problem.

What is further worrying is that they just redirect to unscientific and incorrect solutions:  to break the survey up in smaller pieces - this is now after the fact, rendering what is a survey to a poll and totally unreliable or statistically sound option. Or to export to Google sheets (but still no partials…?).  followed by “but hey check out our new features and please spend more money with us even though we failed you in the most basics of CX and Survey design”.

This is a serious reputational and project risk that I am trying to manage. 

I am hoping someone here on the community might have a solution?

My recommendation for others is to stay on the free or cheapest package; stick to non-verifiable, non-statistical general polling when using TYPEFORM. 

ps. I was redirected by the Helpdesk to post my question here so hence taking up their guidance. 


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Hi @Ink Thanks for stopping by and sharing your feedback on this. I’ve added your post here so you can stay updated on the progress of this feature. 😀

Help, I send an assessment to a client for a project built on typeform and hast finished replying or hit submit but he lost all of his answers, is there any way to recover them, do they get saved anywhere? 

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Hi @mael I’ve moved your post here where you can stay updated on partial completion. 😀