Community Awards

Community Awards - Celebrating 25k Members 🎉

  • 14 June 2023
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Community Awards - Celebrating 25k Members 🎉
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Distinguished guests, cherished Community members and passing internet traffic, welcome to an occasion filled with anticipation, excitement, and celebration. 


This week we reached the amazing figure of 25,000 members, and to celebrate all you wonderful creators we thought we'd hold our very own Typeform Community Awards ceremony. We gather here, bathed in the glow of digital creativity, to honor the outstanding individuals who have shaped the landscape of our Community.


Just as the Oscars herald the finest achievements in cinema, the Typeform Community Awards shine a spotlight on the remarkable contributions made to this community by our passionate creators, developers, and innovators. 


And now, my friends, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to sit back and relax as we embark on this extraordinary journey of discovery, inspiration, and recognition. 


Welcome to the 2023 Typeform Community Awards!



Thank you for watching, and thank you to each and every one of you that has contributed to the success of our community over the past 2 years 🎉


Check out these conversations that featured in the awards:



And here are the nominated songs to listen to at your leisure:



And finally, congratulations to our award winners 🏆
@potato @ActionJackson @Priscilla_Sapphira @Paulo @john.desborough we’ll be sending you all some Typeform Love soon, so keep an eye out in your inbox for the email 👀


The celebrations don’t end here, check out our list of 25 Mind Blowing Typeform and VideoAsk Use Cases!  🚀

5 replies

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@Grace @James @Liz  and the rest of the judging panel.. thanks so much. this place is just fun! at least for me.. 

wonderful job on this and congratulations and thanks to all the folks highlighted in these snapshots of contribution - your participation in the community helps us all get better at making typeforms. 


There are a lot of people behind the scenes at Typeform - not only those that make the occasional appearance here in the Community - who provide support to all of us. They deserve a shout out imho. 


Thanks again and, @James - am off to see The Cure on Friday night 16th June in Montreal.. 


cheers all

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Awesome work @Grace - had a lot of fun watching this and getting misty eyed at all the fun times and interesting stuff we’ve shared here. Wow @john.desborough that’s come around quick – be sure to wangle your backstage to tell them about their award nomination. I know that Robert Smith is a big Typeform user so he’d definitely appreciate this 🤘

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Thanks @john.desborough and @James, and absolutely true there’s a lot of people behind the scenes working hard too. And there are a lot more community members we could mention here, I think the awards could have gone on for as long as the Oscars if I didn’t have other work to do 😂

Anyway it was fun to go back through the archives and spend time in some of our “off-topic” conversations! 

Enjoy the concert Des! 🎸

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Team Typeform.. thank you for the Typeform Love… so happy to be able to ‘flip’ that love over to a worthy charity on the list.. 





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A worthy winner contributing to a worthy cause 😊 thanks @john.desborough