July Community Roundup ⛱️

  • 5 August 2022
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July Community Roundup ⛱️
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It’s not only been a scorcher in some parts of the world, but also here in the Community! 


🌞 If you’re not going through a heatwave (I’m very jealous of you) you can still experience the heat of some of our new releases from the last month! The product teams have been doing a fantastic job of releasing all sorts of new features that have been requested by all of you out there building typeforms and videoasks during the day and having your siestas in the afternoon 😴


Anywho, enough with the summer references. Let’s get right to it!


📈 Since June, we’ve had 798 new folks join the community, bringing us to a total of 16,883 members. 103 of you were VideoAsk users!


🗣️   229 conversations were started, with 1475 likes handed out 


👀   30,075 visitors stopped by the community. Great to see you all here!


✅  80% of questions were answered - yay for answers!


Here are some of the highlights from last month: 


  • Grace is still on a roll with fantastic use cases for VideoAsk. If you’re not sure how to use the product or need other great ways to interact with your respondents, take a peek at some of her recent posts! Some highlights are embedding VideoAsk in Shopify and using VideoAsk as a recruitment tool. You can even use VideoAsk for non-lead generation items, such as for creating a wedding guestbook!


  • Where in the world have you all been this summer? Share with us here and take a peek at where we’ve been traveling! @James  @Grace and @Gabi Amaral  have been having off sites and pool parties without me. You can be as jealous as I have been on our Barception thread here. (Don’t worry - I’ll be in Barcelona this month and having BBQs I won’t invite them to either! 😂)



  • If you’ve been in the community for a while, you’ve probably noticed @mathio  answering all your tech-y questions. Learn more about him and his insane knowledge here! He even provided a handy list of tools he uses that you might find useful, too.


  • Finally, come celebrate the summer with us by attending our virtual festival, Formfest 2022. Join the fun by submitting your favourite song, giving us your shoutouts and sharing your summer pics. Find out here how James built this virtual experience using Typeform, VideoAsk, Spotify and Zapier 🎸🎤


Even though it’s the middle of summer, you’ve all been so helpful this July, so give yourselves a round of applause for showing up and building great things! 👏


Shout out to @john.desborough @Grace   @picsoung  @mathio   @Michaela  @Ethan M.   @Darnell  @Gabi Amaral  @the conservative  @Amine_B @maartin9 for all your collaboration! 


5 replies

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Phew!! No rest for the wicked eh?! Thanks for another awesome update @Liz hope you’re enjoying your BBQs wherever you are right now - we miss you!!


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@Liz -it was a busy month it appears… and looking forward to escaping the heat in a couple of weeks with some vacation here.. 

thanks to everyone who shares in here.. learning and innovation come from sharing … 



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This is one of my fav communities ever: the support, the friendliness, the topics, the love, the updates, etc!

Keep ‘em coming and stay awesome, @Liz !

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Huh, that is one fun-packed month, amirite? Keep up the great work @Liz 👏 

It’s so much fun hanging out with you guys 💜

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Phew!! No rest for the wicked eh?! Thanks for another awesome update @Liz hope you’re enjoying your BBQs wherever you are right now - we miss you!!


Hahaha this gif made my whole day! I did have a BBQ, but it wasn’t this exciting. 

I hope you all had BBQs while I was on vacation!