Decimal point numbers in a number question

  • 25 February 2021
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I contacted the customer support. At first the answer was; we will let the product team know. But I requested a response from the product team about roadmap. Haven’t heard back yet. 

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Don;t get your hopes up guys. Typeform will not implement this anytime soon. If you need proper decimal and/or currency data input, you might want to start looking for alternatives like airtable forms. 


Hi Rutger, 
Rai here from Support, thanks for getting back and your patience.
We have checked this internally, but unfortunately we are not able to provide any specific timeline or date when and if this will be implemented, there is no item for this on our roadmap yet. It will likely depend on the feasibility as it may impact other things in the backend like integrations and results as well as resources as we have a number of other things in the pipeline. I understand that this answer may not be satisfactory for you, but rest assured that all feature requests are being looked at and considered for development when the situation allows.
I'm really sorry we couldn't help more this time around. If there's anything else we can assist with, please just let us know. 
All the best,

Rai | Team Typeform