Decimal point numbers in a number question

  • 25 February 2021
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Hi @Tristan and @egw As mentioned, this is a workaround for now, but if I have any updates on adding support for decimals in the number field, I’ll post that here. :grinning:


The fact that you can’t include decimals in a number field also renders the Payments question useless for us. Our use case is a customer paying an invoice that is specific to that form visit instance and often includes dollars and cents. Even if it wasn’t rife with user experience problems, you can’t work around the lack of decimals in the number question by using a short text question to populate the payment amount via the logic feature. 

It looks like it is not possible to use decimals in rules either. Can you please advise of any workaround? Thanks.

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Hi @DonAsk You should be able to use decimals in logic jumps, depending on how you’re setting them up. Could you provide more information/screenshots on any issues you’re experiencing? 

Is there anyway to validate short text field entries as numbers though?

+1 a poner decimales!!! sería genial!! algun update con esto?

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Hi @miguelsuredasuau thanks for stopping by the community! The language of the community is English, so I hope you don’t mind my reply in English. There isn’t an update on this yet, but if that changes, I’ll post so here. :grinning:

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I have seen many posts on the request to add the possibility to add a decimal point in the numbers field. I find it incredible that Typeform cannot resolve such a relative simple request.

I am designing an expense system in combination with, but cannot and will not roll it out as I will not ask my users to round amounts up to the nearest Dollar because Typeform fails to accommodate its users. Also, Typeform please do not mark these types of requests as solved simply because you answered, it’s not solved until you do.

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Hi @Dennis Post Thanks for sharing your feedback. If there are any updates to adding support for decimals, we’ll let you know in the post here. 

We would need this too really badly! The text field does not help, because the risk of someone typing in a letter or hitting space is too high - it would mess up the whole thing. 


We can’t round the numbers eather - that is not an option for us! 

need decimals, all reasons already stated

+1 to can used decimals in a number field !

Ok, all, I have some good news! I did discover from our product team that you can use decimals in other fields, such as short text fields. The reason it isn’t currently possible in the Number field is because the field is set to check that the respondent’s answer is a number and thus, it’s harder to check that with the decimals. 



Considering this has been discussed for 7 years, it seems completely bizarre that this isn’t resolved. I don’t know what language Typeform is written in, but every major programming language on the web - for years - probably decades - has supported basic Regex functions that could strip the decimal point out and still check the validity of the response being a number. In fact, that shouldn’t even be necessary as JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Java, Perl, and pretty much everything else can do that without even resorting to Regex. And Typeform  already seems to use Regex to validate users responses - it’s almost certainly the way that you check if a user has entered an email address correctly!

Unless there is something deeply wrong with Typeform’s codebase, the only conclusion seems to be, for whatever reason, that Typeform just doesn’t want to implement this. This is an absence of a feature that would seem out of place on a 20 year old website and should be something that could be fixed in an afternoon…

Since signing up for Typeform (and paying for a premium account), there have been at least two new answer options added - ‘website’ and ‘calendly’ - these are nice, but why on Earth are such niche features being added before decimal numbers? They’re as fundamental as something like a free text field for many, many users.

We need decimals in logic calculations and in numeric fields as well for a lot of vital use cases. Definite dealbreaker. Mirroring the feedback and astonishment of others that such a basic feature is not implemented nor valued by your team. A real shame. There are so many use cases with explosion of digitalisation and ecommerce that it really is not “customer-focused” or “users first” to lack basic features.

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We really need Decimal number support.. guys. please add this.