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Is it possible to display several questions in one page for the user view?
For example, I wanted to show first name, last name and email in one page


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We use typeform as an intake form. There are lots of questions I know the answer to already, or a client remembers something and I want to jump ahead/back to capture the info. It’s a 300 question survey right now and only getting larger. Not being able to navigate more quickly is really crummy. 

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Just chiming in here -- I’d love to see this feature. I don’t think it has to be a binary per your ethos on conversational style questions. I’d still keep most of my questions conversational, but for a few it’d be nice to stack questions on one “arrow slide”. Hope to see it brought to life, it’d go a long way.



Hi @ismael . Thanks for joining the community! :grin:  We only show one question at a time on the form because we’ve noticed higher levels of engagement and completion vs using a standard form. We don't have an option for a single page/traditional style of form or the ability to show multiple questions at the same time. I hope this answers your question, but please let me know if you think of anything else!

Why don’t typeform allow people to choose between multiple questions in 1 page vs 1 question in 1 page?

There are def demands for many questions in 1 page. 

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Thanks, @Lien , for stopping by and sharing this! It’s not a feature we offer, but as noted in the thread, if there are any updates, we’ll share them here. 😀

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Name (Fname, Lname) and Address (Street, City, State, Post Code) are two use cases that I really hope Typeform takes into consideration. It is not easy to parse these for import in other backend systems. Multiple screens to capture these fields is not user friendly.

Optimizing for engagement is one thing.


Optimizing for ease of completion, or presenting information comfortably, is a very different thing.


Typeform chose to optimize for engagement, and is best suited for short, fun forms. Emulating TurboTax in Typeform would be an exercise is futility. Use a classic survey tool for that, like SurveyMonkey or SurveyGizmo.


BTW, as others suggested, this choice doesn’t have to be one-or-the-other. SurveyMonkey lets the user choose between “One question at a time” and “Classic” layouts. (I see they now also have “Conversation”; haven’t played with that yet)

SurveyMonkey survey types


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hi @Dan Dascalescu Thanks for stopping by and sharing that feedback! That’s a good point and definitely something we’ll pass along to the product team. 😀

If you have any other suggestions or questions, let us know. 

Check the below image for the reference


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Hello @cofynd! Welcome to our Community! I've moved your question to this topic where we talk about having more than one question per page. It's not a feature we offer at the moment, however, we are working on a feature called contact block (the respondent would be able to put all of their contact info in one page), which can help solve some of the major pain points that come with one question at a time. We'll keep you posted though! 

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Really wish we could have multiple demographic or basic questions on one page. E.g., Name, email, organization. It’s extremely frustrating for our users to click so many times to complete basic information and makes the Typeform feel long. Other survey platforms have the flexibility to have multiple simple questions on a page. We love Typeform, but this is the biggest pain point and one that I had to defend against when we were considering competitors. Seriously, please add this capability for basic questions. It will save me headache as a Typeform creator at my company and reduce internal resistance to adopting Typeform. 

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@GWatBU The feature is coming soon, I promise! 😉


Do you have an update for when this is coming? I’m deciding between Typeform and others, and this will be a deciding factor. 



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@lolomotte Our contact info block just released today! You can read more about it here: 

@GWatBU @cofynd @Dan Dascalescu @FJB 

Please consider making this question format more flexible for us customers! 

This is exactly the type of question functionality that so many people have asked for, just with the ability to change the field names so that it can apply to questions outside of contact info.

This would give us the ability to collect three short text repsonses to a quesiton on a single page instead of forcing our customers to click through three times and attempt to recall context that they’ve likely forgotten. 

I appreciate not all forms would benefit from this approach in terms of engagement and ‘conversational style’, but many would! 

Thanks :) 



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Thanks, @ag15 ! We did recently release our contact information question, which has everything on the same page, and I’ll share this feedback with the product team. 😀

Hi, i have a form where  i have this: 

One question that ask: “LODGING NIGHTS IN” and the options are: 

  • Motel-hotel
  • B&B
  • Campground/RV Park
  • Other paid lodging
  • Private home or cottage (unpaid
  • Other unpaid lodging

The user can check more than one, after that i want to show conditional questions with the number of nights per option checked, but i can´t figure out how to do it, Perhaps if the user selects “Motel-hotel” and “B&B” i want that after this question they can see two new questions asking how many nights in “Motel-hotel” and how many in “B&B”

There is a way to do this with Typeform? i already purchase the membership because i supouse Typeform had conditional logic as gravity forms or any other advanced form builder.

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Hi @vjurado78 Our article here can walk you through setting up these logic jumps! 😀

Hello, it looks like your customers would like to have this added as a feature. Would be great if we could do it as it seems many of us have specific cases/needs for this.. thanks! :) 

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@lolomotte Our contact info block just released today!

Awesome! This is the use case that really needed to group questions on one page.

One follow-up question. Do you think you could add the autocomplete attribute to the fields of the contact / address question? 

For example, for the Contact question


This allows the user's browser to suggest replies when the user click on the field.

This is a simple tweak. See more information for your dev team here:


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Thanks for the suggestions and use case, @jeremielp ! I’ll pass this along. 😀

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Thanks for the suggestions and use case, @jeremielp ! I’ll pass this along. 😀

I see they already fix it. That is great. Another small issue I spotted today

All the fields of the Address "card" (Address / Address line 2 / City / State / ZIP / Country) have the same following attributes.

autocomplete="name" name="name"

There are options for the autocomplete in the specs. And naming several fields of a form with the same "name" is usually a no-go. I understand you may not be using them but still, it can cause strange behaviours sometime.


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@Liz Hi Liz.  Do you know if Typeform will add the feature to allow multiple questions on the same page?  Sometimes it is nice to have a standard form.  I feel like I have to pay for two vendors just so that I can have a standard form.

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Hi @BenS There are no plans for that at this time, but certain questions, like the contact and address field, do have this capability. 

I acknowledge the data-driven approach that Typeform has implemented for the "1 question at a time" flow, however, I must emphasize that this structure may not be optimal in all scenarios. As a company that aims to push the boundaries and create innovative survey solutions, it is crucial that you listen to ad survey the voice of your own customer base. The customer demand for more flexible functionality is clear and it would be prudent to take it into account.

I would like to inquire if there are any plans in the pipeline or on the roadmap to address this issue and provide a more comprehensive solution to your valued customers?

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Hi @CosmicKraken33 I’ve added your post here where you’ll get notified if there are any plans to change this.