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  • 22 January 2021
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Is this your first visit to our community? Then welcome to our world of amazingness! 🎉


We've created these tutorials with some community basics to help you to get started. 


This what we'll be covering in this video: 

  • Categories overview and how to find information

  • How to check discussions and reply to them

  • How to create a new post

  • How to select the best answer (if you made a question)



And this is what we'll be covering in this video: 

  • How to edit your profile

  • How popular creators work

  • How to embed media in your post 


We hope this is useful - stay tuned for more handy contents! 



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2 replies


This is the first time I visited the community 

If I have to ask questions I’ll do it here is a very good place

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Hi @Firoz14 - thanks for joining the community! :boom: Please do share any questions you have! Hope we can help and inspire you here. :)