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I am new, I just integrated Stripe payment. When I get my payments report from Stripe, my typeform description comes across as a LONG code rather than a product name. Is there a way I can create my own description?  I was able to do that with Formsite but it’s not very user friendly here. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Liz 10 months ago

Hi @JustineO Some good news! There are planned improvements on the way. :grinning: The product team has to fix quite a few things in the backend in order for this to work, so it might be some time, but we’ll post updates as we have them here. 

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@Liz this is a common knowledge that it should be treated as a bug in your system. Any company that are capable of charging customers must be able to input a reference information.

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Thanks, @Marnilyn . I’ll share this with the product team. 😁

I use typeform with stripe for all our orders, but when a customer disputes the charge stripe doesn't send me any information to track what can I add in my typeform to have the information come up in stripe

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Hi @Sharon.Kramer I’ve added your post here where we have more information about our Stripe integration and the description. 

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Hi @Sharon.Kramer 

In the metadata of the charge, you should see two things:

typeform_form_id and typeform_response_id

Using the response_id you should be able to find the corresponding response on Typeform.

On Typeform Results page, we also display the last 3 digits of the card used.

Hope this helps

Has there been any update on adding a product description from Typeform on Stripe transactions so we can tell how to determine charges and allocate to the correct events in accounting?

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Hi @Mr. White Thanks for stopping by the community! I’ve added your post here so you can follow this post for any updates. 

Please please add this feature. I love Typeform, but not being able to categorize the payments makes for HOURS of extra work that’s so unnecessary. Put my vote in.

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@scharmo I’ll pass the vote along!